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Megan Mulligan

Interior Designer with a Passion for Nature


University of Florida

Bachelor’s Degree: Interior Design, 2005

Interior Design License: ID 5465

Real Estate Sales Associate: SL3277750

      Education & Experience

  + Creative Confidence & Clear Vision 

  =  VALUE to your Project

I love running on the beach, hiking through the forest, and practicing yoga and meditation.... Movement is Medicine. 

I love exploring and planning adventures in nature.......most often solo.

I dream of a future watching the full moon rise over the ocean in New Smyrna Beach, FL for half the year, and the other half living in a treehouse in the mountains of Blowing Rock, NC. 

I believe in the law of attraction and have faith that the projects and clients that are meant for me will manifest in divine timing.   

I am hoping to creatively flip high end houses with a like minded investor soon. 

I am a design and most aspects of life.  Simple feels best. 

I believe that interior environments can improve lives.  

Megan Mulligan

Minimum Design Fee:  $25,000

Biophilic Design....must love nature.

Preferred Project Locations:

New Smyrna Beach, FL 

Blowing Rock, NC

Please email:

Address of Project

Planned Budget

Style, Goals & Intentions for the Space

Megan Mulligan
Megan Mulligan
Megan Mulligan
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