"Megan, owner and sole designer at Seaglass Interiors was able to realize a dream of a dedicated writing space for me. She transformed an existing shed we had on our property into an incredible writing retreat space, much more than just a home office. She was inventive in creating all the needs of the space with whimsical touches to make it very special. Megan is easy to work with and collaborate on ideas. She listens and is intent on every detail. We can't wait to work with her again on other house projects."

-Regina Gort, Client

"My husband and I live in Atlanta and have an older condo in New Smyrna. This was a total renovation project, and I don't like decorating, so I needed a professional. The office manager at our complex gave us two design professionals to interview, and we chose Seaglass for our project. Megan was exactly what we were looking for in a design, decorating and project manager. She took my Pinterest "vision" and brought it to life. Our priorities were 1) create a comfortable, livable space 2) maximize the living area 3) stay within a specific budget. My biggest priority was communication since we live out of town and would do everything remotely. Megan exceeded our expectations on every front. Her initial designs were exactly what I wanted. She stayed within our budget. She maximized the space, made it elegant AND very livable. She worked incredibly well with our contractor, coordinating and helping him with many of the specifications. There is really no area of this project that she did not exceed. I truly don't have enough words to describe my gratitude for what she was able to do."

-Mindy Kenney, Client

"Megan did an outstanding job! She designed and decorated our project beautifully. Megan went above and beyond and not only did she do a wonderful job with the design, layout and furniture...she also was basically a project manager who coordinated everything with the painter, furniture delivery companies, etc. Megan went to work and nailed it. Fantastic to work with. Highly recommend."

-Eric Sommers, Client

"Megan brought both great design and organizational skills to our major remodel project. Her bright, optimistic attitude made working with her fun and her knowledge of, and attention to detail was greatly appreciated. I loved her collaborative spirit relative to my interiors and would work with her again!"

-Debbie Mitchell, Client